Picking Up Your Food










Conditions of Use




Your order must be picked up at the designated pickup site on the specified date

listed below the week you order.  For example, if you place an order on Monday, May 5, and specify

Durham as your delivery location, your order will be delivered on Friday, May 9. 

Any items that are not picked up will be donated to the local homeless shelter or

donated to http://www.endhunger.org/nhad/index.htm.

Your Pickup  Locations                                       Date/Time Range

Chapel Hill, NC                                                       Wednesday     11:00am-2:00 pm
13401 Angier Avenue, Durham, NC 27703           Friday                4:00pm-6:00pm

Raleigh, NC 27709                                                     Saturday            8:00 am-noon

In some areas, for an additional  fee, delivery may be arranged to your

 residence.  If you have questions pertaining to delivery, please email


High quality food grown the old fashion way.